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We started working with the concept "Stories that matter" in 2014. We got a request from the non-profit organisation SHRIC, Supoorting Human Rights in China, to make a two-minute presentation video for their webpage, about the various groups and minorities that are brutally persecuted in China. Instead of doing interviews and a regular story, we thought about how to maximize the impact and to spread the important message.

In the end Tobias came up with the idea of making a pastische, of the then newly launched and praised Volvo commercial with Zlatan. The actors in the film were handpicked together with the organisation SHRIC in order to give an authentic persepective, The Tibetan was actually persecuted in Tibet for his beliefs, and had to flee through the mountains, and the scene with the Falun Gong practitioner is an re-enactment of the persecution and torture he had to endure by Chinese prison guards.


Red Lotus: Forbidden Diary




We’ve been to China, filming for clients several times, and have become increasingly aware of the extent of the gruesome human rights abuses occurring there. During research for the Volvo-Zlatan-pastiche, we read many written accounts of Chinese who'd been unlawfully imprisoned, due to their conscience. One such story was found in fragments of a diary from the year of 1999, and it is the foundation of the short movie.

Red Lotus: Forbidden Diary explores the fragments of a diary written in a Chinese jail by a young lady, that overnight is  become deprived of her most basic rights. She is pressured to give up everything she believes in, in order to ever see her family again.

The first parts of Red Lotus were filmed in a basement that hadn't been renovated for the last 70 years, which gave it the right atmosphere.

The crew included cinematographer Martin Nisser and chief lighting technician Jim Johanson.

The second part was a collaboration with Emil Mkrttchian, cinematographer, director and founder of the film production company
Apricot Stone, to film the background story with the family.



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